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Endless hope

God is near.
He invites 
everyone into
his family.
He invites 
everyone to join his plan to restore the world,
Jesus makes this 
possible through his Holy Spirit.
Jesus knows life. 
He's been through it all and calls us to "love one another".
Jesus knows death. He's been through that too with his arms stretched out on the cross.
He rose again
to new life
and his arms
are stretched out
to you saying,
"I've conquered
death, so what
can we sort
out together?"
We believe
Jesus' new life
transforms life and
everything about it.

The Christian Faith

What, why and so what?

Find out what we believe,  why we believe it

and what difference does it make to life?

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“Faith is the art of holding on to things

in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.”

CS Lewis

Children Praying

With God's gift of prayer,
there is always hope.

Daily Prayer

Join a Church of England service through the day

Why not download the free Church of England Daily Prayer app

for your phone or tablet for prayer-on-the-go?

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Holy Bible and Prayer

The Bible

God's Word for life

with love and hope on every page

"We come to scripture not to learn a subject

but to steep ourselves in a Person"

CS Lewis

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Why is Church important?

We are communities of faith focused on

Father God's unstoppable love for the world,

Jesus' limitless resurrection hope in the world

and the Holy Spirit's unquenchable presence filling the world.


Attending church increases happiness, wellbeing and confidence in handling life’s challenges.

Attending church regularly makes you happier and more optimistic about the future, a new report has suggested.

More than eight in 10 people who go to a place of worship at least once a week reported being happy, compared to just half of those who never attend a religious service.

Church-goers also reported higher levels of self-control, better psychological wellbeing and more satisfaction with their lives than others.

The research, conducted by the Institute for the Impact of Faith in Life (IIFL), also suggested that the frequency of religious service attendance improved mental health outcomes.

More than 2,000 adults across the UK were surveyed on whether or not they identified as religious, as well as various aspects of their mental health.

Over 70 per cent of those who said that their religious background was important to their identity reported having “good psychological wellbeing” in the three months before the survey.

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Following God in daily life can be both challenging and a great opportunity.

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