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Your Church of
St Catherine

Your Benefice of Faversham
Important life events in your church

Walking through important life events with God means that there is always hope in life.
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Your Little One's Christening / Baptism

Find out about the first step of an amazing journey with God.


Find out about this step of
an amazing journey with God.

Prayer to the Lord

Your Confirmation

Find out about this important part of a lifetime journey of faith: a next step
as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Putting Ring on Hand

Your Wedding

Find out about making your big day personal, meaningful, spiritual and beautiful
- just the way you want it.

Flower Arrangement

Christian Funerals

We're so sorry if you have to visit this section.

Find out about hope-filled Christian funerals

in Church, at the Graveside or Crematorium and burial/interrment of ashes

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